Tree felling techniques

Trees are real decorations of nature, without them human life is impossible. They give oxygen, pleasing with beautiful leaves and in general a man is accustomed to living with trees, and therefore their role in our life is difficult to overestimate. However, even durable trees die, begin to rot, dry up and then become not just useless, but even dangerous for surrounding buildings, power lines and people. What to do in this case? It remains only to deal with the removal of dangerous trees. There are several ways for tree felling, consider each of them.

Tree felling methods.

All approaches to the removal of trees can be divided into two categories: cut down the plants entirely or in parts. The first method is simpler, but it cannot always be used. There must be a certain space for the fall, otherwise it becomes dangerous and considered to be risky. Felling trees in parts is most often in demand in our tight living spaces, where there is no free space for the safe fall of tree. Then there is a need to approach to professional arborists/mountaineers. Their professional approach is priceless, as it guarantees complete safety of property and security.

How to remove dry tree?

There are 4 ways to remove dry trees:

Simple cut down is simple tree felling

Simple cut down using a ropes to hold the tree is simple tree felling using rope as leverage

Removing tree section by section, lowering cutted branches by dropping them down

Removing tree section by section, lowering cutted branches by using ropes

A simple tree cut down is carried out when tree tends to lean to side where is a lot of free space. How is the job carried out? On the side of the slope a wedge is placed, and the tree is cut from the other side. Thus, it is possible to correct the direction of its fall. The method is the simplest and cheapest, but you cannot always count on it.

Simple cut down using a ropes to hold the tree. It is assumed that there is a free space next to the plant. The method consists in that the arborist fixes the rope at the top of the tree, and then pulls the tree towards the desired drop area with the help of the block system. On one side – a wedge and on the other side the tree is cut. Then the cable is stretched and you can safely fell the tree. Advantage of the method – you can calculate the place of the fall of the tree with an accuracy of two meters.

If simple cut down is not possible consider removing tree section by section beforehand pruning all the branches off.

Removing tree section by section, lowering cutted branches by dropping them down. It is necessary to provide a space for dropping off tree sections. Climber climbs on top of the tree and removes the branches, which can be used as a base layer for falling heavier tree sections to protect the ground. When branches are done and on the ground then after that, it remains to finish the trunk. The main “con” of the method that it poses a danger to the terrain and therefore if necessary the site is covered with additional ground cover.

Removing tree section by section, lowering cutted branches by using ropes. This is a neat and time-consuming method of cutting down a tree. The climber climbs to the top of the tree, cuts off the branches and prepares the way for the felling down the rest of the tree sections. At the top arborist fixes a rope with a carabine, thanks to which the tree sections are detached and lowered to the ground safely. This is the most expensive and dangerous method for a tree removal specialist.

To fell down the tree of height of 3-4 meters can be done by your-self, but what to do with tall trees? In this case, you can ask help of professional arborists. FolkStrimmers arborists will help you to remove any tree in any situation in a professional and safe way.

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