Who we are?

My name is Ingus – I’m a founder of FolkStrimmers and coffee addict who spends his time creating value for other people and their gardens. I’m also a photographer, a adventure motorcycle traveller and a Civil Engineer. I’m here to help you to save your time and to take care of your garden lawn and hedge, so you can spend your time doing what you like. Allow me to start this off with some bragging.

FolkStrimmers is not “one man show”, there is no chance I could have done all this without a help from my team. Those, who help me with tool servicing, web solutions, marketing. I owe a lot to them and appreciate their engagement and patience. Thank you, guys!

For our garden work we use petrol tools like: lawn mower, strimmer, leave blower, lawn tractor, lawn edging tool, lawn fertilizer and so on.